Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nervous and Excited

Now over the years I have written many different types of papers and even a few publications(all research) of course, but never a press release.  I knew they needed to be all facts and straight to the point.  What I didn't know was how hard it was going to be to actually write it.  Cutting it down to just what it needed to say without fancy language or cute little extras.  I couldn't explain anything in detail, just hit the main points.  Well it has been sent...and lets hope that one paper, or station, either tv or radio picks it up. 
The first press release from Card Cupids:
Legacy Emanuel’s pediatric patients to receive some acts of “Cardness”.

Card Cupids and The Children's Hospital at Legacy Emanuel in Portland Oregon have joined together to provide their pediatric patients with handmade cards and stuffed animals.  Card Cupids is an all volunteer organization that sends card packages to children around the world that need extra support and love. Legacy Emanuel on average treats 200 children a day with a number of different medical problems making the need for cards enormous.

Founder Stephanie Busby and her brother Michael have seen first hand the benefit that a card and a few kind words can have on a person.  Her mother spent months in the hospital after being struck by a semi-truck almost five years ago.  Cards and well wishes helped them all to make it through the difficult time and helped her mother heal both physically and emotionally.  Negative experiences have a way of showing people how they can make a difference and Stephanie along with Michael decided to make their difference by sharing, the “cardness” as they call it, with the children of the world.

To help promote this new organization Card Cupids will be hosting a blog hop to help promote their new formed partnership with Legacy Emanuel and encourage card donations for all their recipients on November 26th.  One lucky participant will win a prize package valued at over a $100.  Visit to find out more information.

Card Cupids boasts a design team from not only all over the country but the world.  Each team member brings a unique style and perspective to the art of card making and their creations can be found on Card Cupids website for crafters and artists to use as inspiration.  There will also be informational posts about trends, how tos, and sketches to help individuals that want to create cards for Card Cupids.

Want to donate cards? Please send only cheerful cards, not get well cards, visit the Card Cupids website for a list of sentiments. Make sure to sign the card as Card Cupid Your First Name and the state that you are sending it from (ie: Card Cupid Steph from Virginia). Again, please do not send get well style cards.  Please write the child's first name on the front of the envelope and do not seal, if the recipient is not known then leave blank.  Also the use of glitter or confetti in the cards is not permitted and there are no size requirements for the cards.  Card Cupids is starting to focus on and accept Christmas and Holiday cards for our recipients.  Any and all card donations are greatly appreciated.

Donations can be sent to Card Cupids
C/O Stephanie 

13203 Overcup Oak Court, Apt 201
Herndon, VA 20171

If you know of a child or organization that could use a little extra cardness please submit the request at our website

Visit our site for more info

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