Sunday, January 23, 2011

A New Card Cupid

Card Cupids has another child that they are collecting cards for, his name is Jonathan and he is 5.  He is currently in the hospital having recently been diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome. It is a rare auto-immune disease that attacks his nerves. It can cause muscle weakness, paralysis and breathing problems.  Please check out the Card Cupids website at for information about Jonathan and all of the other cuties, as well as info on how to donate cards. 

Looking for some handmade gifts, check out the Card Cupids Etsy Store.  Money will go towards stuffed animals and mailing costs.  There are some beautiful albums and digi-stamps, but I'm sure the albums won't last long.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Untruths #1

Set in my ways....

At what point in your life do you say...."I'm set in my ways"?

Truth is if everyone reflected on their life they would realize that it is probably completely different from everyone else's response. The point is we are not pre-set to become ridgid in thinking at a certain time in our lives.  And since there is no button that gets pushed that says okay...I'm done reviewing need to reconsider anymore, that means that we don't have to be set in our ways at all.
Now let me tell you a little bit about how I define being "set in your ways".  It is a person who has beliefs, a way of doing a task, reactions to people or events, that for the most part remain the same no matter what knew knowledge is gained.  For example, (for those of you who know me you will probably roll your eyes at this and say here she goes again) decades ago the health risks of smoking were becoming well known. And people said, well I've already smoked for ten years so why should I stop now. Now I'm not talking about the addiction factor in this equation.  I'm talking about the type of person who says out loud to others, "what difference will it make? I've already smoked for 10 years." When what they are actually thinking is, it will be work to try and quit, it will disrupt the way my life it set...and if I change my mind on this maybe I will change my mind about other things as well.  And that is scary! 
Lets try another example.  Parents who both work full time jobs and have pretty busy lives and also have two children.  It is so very easy and convenient to stop by a fast food place on the way home every night, or even every other night to pick up dinner.  It has become a set routine for them, maybe once in a while they think about how unhealthy their eating habits are, but for the most part it never crosses their minds, it's just what they do.  They are set in the way the eat.  Then a program about obesity in America comes on the television and takes about the issues that children can have from eating too much fast food.  The parents already know that the food is bad, but there is a habit set, and it would take too much for them to change their ways.  Again it would be work, and a lot of it, do they want more work?  But do they want to stay stagnent in their way either? How much healthier would they be? How much more energy to do more things would they have?
Now these are the type of examples that happen everyday all around the world, some with different subjects and some with the same. 
Then there are others, ones that have even farther reaching consequences.  Just a few of these are racism, sexism, greed, and oppression.  People with completely distorted believes about a group of people can change their beliefs and become what most call as "reformed" with a lot of work.  When I say work I mean self work. 
So what is my point in all of this?  It's this the "ways" that I have talked about are large issues, and not everybody has those, but everyone has the little ones.  It may be that you scream at any slow driver on the road every chance you get! You just don't understand how they could give any dumby a drivers license.  Is that helping anyone? Your blood pressure just went through the roof and as you are looking so hard into the car you are now passing you almost brake too late for a car that is slowing down to turn.  You hate your commute to work because of all the bad drivers out there! Yet everyday you choose to react the same way, you choose to be set in your ways.  Just think of all the things you are missing on your daily commute everyday, maybe instead of fuming at the slow driver when you pull up to a light, you missed a family waiting to cross the street with a little girl that was waving her hand off.  So what right?  But think about it, if a cute little girl waves to you, even if you don't wave back, it's going to make you smile...and we all know what a smile can can change the world.  Maybe you missed the new billboard advertising your husbands favorite band coming to town, and by the time you hear in on the radio...well...the tickets are sold out.  Will it be hard to have patience with the "bad" drivers...will it take a while to change your response to them...YES! It will be hard work! But anything worth while in life takes hard work to accomplish.

So this is what I am going to be doing to try and help myself to stay flexible and not be so set in my ways.  I'm going to respond to things positively, when I feel myself thinking bad about another, or feeling bad about myself, I'm going to find something positive.  Normally something negative can change my mood for the whole day, sometimes week, but not anymore.  I'm going to focus on the positive.  Sound corny doesn't it, well, that's okay, because it works. Don't knock it until you try it, and if you do, you will see a huge change in your life.  Negative things happen to everyone, that's life, but those that respond in a positive way have so many more opportunities that open up to them simply because their energy wasn't being used up by hiding or hating. 
And I'm not going to let new information or technology just go by the wayside because I am used to thinking or believing a certain way about something.  I agree to evolve with knowledge!  I agree to review my beliefs from time to time and re-examine my life.  I will not become stagnant!

Untruth-You can't change because you are set in your ways
Truth- Anyone can change. All you have to do is make the change!

I love feedback leave me a post of send me a message about how you are going to not allow yourself to become too set in your ways.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day One Self Inspired Art

It is a process.

I'm Working on IT

With the new year always comes tons of New Years Resolutions.  Many people want to loose weight or put an end to a bad habit, or ever start a good one.  I however have never resolved to do anything when a new year comes around.  I do however always find myself in retrospect of the previous year...accomplishments, joys, sorrow and even failures.
This year needs to be different! Partly because we are working towards some major changes in our lives and partly because I have a list of things I want to accomplish in my life that is 3 miles long.
I've always been a person who set goals, and sometimes achieved them, and sometimes I didn't. Then I realized something while drinking some hot chocolate and watching my children play...I wasn't setting the right type of goals.
                  Get into shape - okay
                  Be able to run 5 miles by March 1st - great

                  Sell more items - okay
                  Make a specific business plan by February 1st thus leading to more sales - great

I also wasn't focused on what I trully needed to I set quick and fast goals, but I never took the time to set "real" goals for myself.  The kids, of course, layed out a whole plan for the year, and even somewhat for my husband too, how I will help him achieve some of his goals, by me...nope.  We forget in our busy lives that our souls/spirits/hearts and minds need to be cultivated and cared for.  I know as a mother there are tons of things that I put off in my daily routine that are for myself.  Sometimes...all I want is to sit for even 5 minutes drinking a cup of coffee by myself in my recliner.  And just as I sit down, someone wants to play, needs help getting water, or in the bathroom...the list goes on.  Then there are the other times, when I have the chance to take 5 minutes, but choose to do the dishes or put away clothes mother had a cross-stitched rainbow that was made by her cousin that hang in the kitchen for years..."the rainbow won't wait while you do the work, but the work will wait while you show the child the rainbow."  I'm not sure who is accedited with this, but it is so true.  It's okay for me to not get a coffee break when someone is in need, but when something isn't needed, then it is not okay. 
So this year my one resolution is....I am working on it, me!

My goals will be focused around what I trully need to do to cultivate myself as a woman and all that entails. 
Part of that includes providing more inspiration to the people around me, both physically on on the internet.

Next post in this series: "Set In My Ways"

Check in often for inspiration for your soul and art.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Card Cupids

Hello everyone! There have been lots of new developments in my Scrappy Life as of late.  I cannot wait to share all of the excitement with you later on this week.  Stay tuned for some inspiration.

By the way, have you been to the Card Cupids site lately? There is some awesome candy up for grabs...check out the Valentine's Day challenge at It is a great way to be creative and bring a smile to a child in need.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Brand New Year with a Good 'Ole Computer

My computer has been overhauled just in time for the starting of this wonderful New Year!
I have to admit that 2010 was a stuggle speckled with some of the most wonderous joys!  The main joy of 2010 was the welcoming of our 3rd child and son, Bear Bryant.  The love and smiles that he provide us everyday along with Cole and Huck's never ending love has helped us to endure the loss of many friends and family member, both young and old.
All of these expiriences have helped us to be even more greatful for the loving and healthy family that we have.  Everyday I thank our creator for blessing us with such true love.  My hope for you is that you will have more joy than sorrow, and more love than heart ache is this year, 2011.  

People who will be greatly missed:
Aunt Evelyn
Aunt Sheila
Emily Lynn
Vinny S.
Carson Jay
Dale C.

Beautiful additions:
Bear Bryant
Grace Lynn

Joys that we are waiting to hold in our arms are:
Baby Ellis
Baby Moran