Sunday, November 14, 2010

Creative Spaces

So what type of area do you create in?  Is it an artists dream studio, a corner of your living room, or maybe your kitchen table, or are you a mover and always bring supplies with you to create when the inspiration hits?
I am fortunate enouf to have a craft space in our living room.  I started out having my own craft room in our second apartment my husband and I had while in college five years ago.  We then moved back to our home town and my parents home and my creative endevours moved to their basement.  I had more space there than I knew what to do with, downside was, the lighting was horrible!  After much searching...80 houses, we found our home and I again had a spare bedroom for my creative juices to flow in.  Now that we have added another addition to our family, the spare room was no longer a spare.  My craft room was happily made into our sons nursery!  Problem!  What am I going to do with all of my stuff?
We moved furniture around three times in the living room to try and get a good layout and incorporate the pieces that we had in the craft room.  Most importantly my rolltop desk that was a present from my parents when I was young (one of the two pieces I will not let go of, ever), and the other my hope chest, again something that my parents gave me.  We came up with a layout that allowed an area dedicated to TV and board games, along with an area open for the boys to play in, and a relaxing space with the recliners.  However, this left my desks(rolltop and computer) about 15 feet from each other, my supply boxes all over the living room stuffed in wherever I could find a spot, and my creativity going right down the toilet.  It didn't help that I was pregnant while trying to create in this new situation.  Needless to say I didn't end up getting many things done.  It took too long to find the item I was looking for and I had to get up and move to another part of the room if I wished to use the computer.  I basically gave up for about two weeks and didn't touch any of my art supplies.  Then I had our baby boy...
After getting home from the hospital and getting everyone settled in, it was about two weeks and yes I know I shouldn't have been doing this, but I felt good and just had to, I was having a creative moment, I started to rearrange the living room again.
The area that was once our TV/Game spot became my artistic nook!  All of a sudden it clicked in my head.  I knew how our living space needed to be layed out and I started the moving process. I think it took about two hours to move everything, I had to take a couple breaks. Haha.
Once I had the furniture where it needed to be I just had to figure out creative ways to make my supplies visiable and organized while on a tight budget.  I have always been a pretty good repurposer, gotta save the planet and reusing is a good thing, so I started looking through the house and garage to see what we had that I could use.

This is the list I came up with:
laundry rack

medium size table

part of a book shelf(couldn't fit all the books in the closet)

curtain hangers(ones with hooks on the top and clips on the bottom)

bags with hangers on them


Now it is just a matter of me getting everything organized into a easy working manner.  Check back often to see updated pictures and hopefully soon, the finished Artistic Nook!

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