Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Art of Homemade

Another name for this post could be a Homemade Christmas.  As a child I was always encouraged by my parents to be creative and inventive, especially at Christmas time.  I remember making paper ornaments, clay pots (they looked a little more like blobs) cards, pictures, odds and ends.  As I got old things progressed to sketches, pastel abstract, oil paintings and even scrapbooks.  One year I made a scrapbook of my dad's dog and gave it to him for Christmas and even though both of them are now gone, I have something tangable and uniquely special to remember them by.
Now before I continue on I want to make sure that this is clear...we bought gifts as well, there were numerous things every year to be unwrapped under the tree.  I'm not trying to condemn anyone for purchasing a gift for someone so please do not missunderstand my message.  However, none were as special as the handmade/homemade ones.  My mother still has some of those paper ornaments that I made for her and my father over 20 years ago on her tree every year.  The mug/blob that I gave my dad served as his door stop for just as long.
Now that I am a mother I understand how special even a scribble can be.  I hope that everyone will consider making something for a loved one this year, and yes it is okay if whatever you make ends up looking somewhat or exactly like a blob, because they will love it anyways.
So from now until Christmas I will be posting some of my homemade gifts that I have made for my friends and family.  I hope that you will find inpiration to create your own.  Happy Crafting!


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