Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm Working on IT

With the new year always comes tons of New Years Resolutions.  Many people want to loose weight or put an end to a bad habit, or ever start a good one.  I however have never resolved to do anything when a new year comes around.  I do however always find myself in retrospect of the previous year...accomplishments, joys, sorrow and even failures.
This year needs to be different! Partly because we are working towards some major changes in our lives and partly because I have a list of things I want to accomplish in my life that is 3 miles long.
I've always been a person who set goals, and sometimes achieved them, and sometimes I didn't. Then I realized something while drinking some hot chocolate and watching my children play...I wasn't setting the right type of goals.
                  Get into shape - okay
                  Be able to run 5 miles by March 1st - great

                  Sell more items - okay
                  Make a specific business plan by February 1st thus leading to more sales - great

I also wasn't focused on what I trully needed to I set quick and fast goals, but I never took the time to set "real" goals for myself.  The kids, of course, layed out a whole plan for the year, and even somewhat for my husband too, how I will help him achieve some of his goals, by me...nope.  We forget in our busy lives that our souls/spirits/hearts and minds need to be cultivated and cared for.  I know as a mother there are tons of things that I put off in my daily routine that are for myself.  Sometimes...all I want is to sit for even 5 minutes drinking a cup of coffee by myself in my recliner.  And just as I sit down, someone wants to play, needs help getting water, or in the bathroom...the list goes on.  Then there are the other times, when I have the chance to take 5 minutes, but choose to do the dishes or put away clothes mother had a cross-stitched rainbow that was made by her cousin that hang in the kitchen for years..."the rainbow won't wait while you do the work, but the work will wait while you show the child the rainbow."  I'm not sure who is accedited with this, but it is so true.  It's okay for me to not get a coffee break when someone is in need, but when something isn't needed, then it is not okay. 
So this year my one resolution is....I am working on it, me!

My goals will be focused around what I trully need to do to cultivate myself as a woman and all that entails. 
Part of that includes providing more inspiration to the people around me, both physically on on the internet.

Next post in this series: "Set In My Ways"

Check in often for inspiration for your soul and art.


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