Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Daily Inspiration

Blizzard of ''11
Even though I am writing this the night before the HUGE blizzard is suppose to hit, today's inspiration piece is in honor of the tiny little white stuff. Hopefully if you are in the mid-west you are looking forward to the beauty of the clean white snow, once the winds stop blowing that is.  Even those of you getting the ice storms, besides the danger of the roads, the beauty that it brings is sometimes only seen once in a lifetime.
I am a Michigander, and the only weather report we trust is when someone sticks their head out of the door and then reports whether or not their nose is frozen off. The wind is a kicking it through the trees, and howling away. No snow as of yet. I have to admit it is looking like we are going to be knee deep in snow by morning, or I guess hip deep because my backyard is already to my knees.  Oh well it is winter and we live in the north....I wouldn't want it any other way.
The daily inspiration piece is to be used to encourage creativity.  The item will not be used in a piece physically, it will only be "INSPIRATION." Use the color, the shape, the feelings it provokes to make your master piece.  All inspiration pieces will be posted together on Saturday next to their inspired works of art.
Have a great day, and stay warm if you are in the storms path.


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